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Riley J. Edwards

Got mine in the mail today!! It's worth your mentioning that the box you show is from the "first generation" of the Black Card.

The new box and welcome materials are much cooler, I'll upload them tonight to my Flickr page for all to see. :)

The card design is also slightly different, the white Visa logo has been replaced with a more subtle Visa logo that blends with the black.


@frank: the AmEx Black Card, formally known as the Centurion Card, does have an annual fee -- at least $2,500 per year. There is also a large initiation fee from what I've heard and you must already be spending a minimum of $250k annually on an AmEx Gold or Platinum product to be extended that offer.

Of course, there are always exceptions to the rules.


I've gotten offers in the mail for this so-called "black card" before. The fact is, a *real* black card (e.g., Amex or with a longer established banking institution like BOA or Chase) comes with no annual fee and is only assigned to those who are super rich.


Just applied! Thank you, as u said in your other article 495 isn't that bad if you consider it's about $41 per month. Small price to pay for a personal concierge and the lounge passes.



Do you know who's providing the concierge service? The perks look amazing, but I had terrible experiences with cheap concierge companies before...


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